New Website For 2012?

December is the perfect time of year to get in touch with a web designer if you’re looking to get your website redesigned quickly and cheaply. I can give your business a new professional online image on a shoestring, so get in touch today for a free quote.

As the year draws to a close it may be that the last thing on your mind is getting a new website. But here’s a little secret: You’re not alone. Most people aren’t thinking about it, and that means that this is the quietest time of the year for web designers and developers.

That makes this a surprisingly good time of year to contact a web designer or developer, as they won’t be snowed under and as such their prices will be reasonable. Many will even be offering discounted rates during December, but you can be sure that they’ll go back up again in the new year when the deluge of work comes in!

I’ve just placed an advert in the Newbury Weekly News on an article entitled “New Website For 2012?”, an article that makes just this point: Now is the time to strike if you want a fresh look for your business for the new year.

If you want a fresh new look for your existing website, or don’t even have a website yet, I can provide you with everything you need. My design services are risk-free: I will design and redesign your site as many times as I need to until you are 100% happy with the product. If you don’t have any kind of web presence I can provide literally everything that you need in order to get your website online and making you money.

And right now is definitely the ideal time to give me a call, as I can get your website online in time for the new year. Call or email me today for a free quote.

About Matt Lowe

Matt Lowe is a WordPress web designer / developer based in Newbury, Berkshire. After 8 years of doing the nine-to-five for other companies and watching them make the same mistakes over and over he set out in business on his own, forming Squelch Design to help businesses get online and make money.

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