Tip 14: Content is king

Take the time to get your content right: it’s the most important thing your website has.

Website quick tip #14:

Content is (STILL) king! (Or queen.)

Your website’s number one asset is the content you put on it, so take the time to get it right. I know writing about yourself or your own company is difficult, but you’ve got to make it happen.

I like to use an iterative approach: start by just getting as many logical words on the page as you can. Then, do nothing for a week. After a week I revisit the words and re-read them with a fresh head. This is equivalent to having someone else read your content. Be critical of your words and take the time to neaten them up, make them easier to read and to follow.

Wait another week and re-read the page. How does it read now? Better, right? But is it RIGHT? Take the time to go through it with new eyes one more time, make any necessary edits.

Try again in another week. Is it right this time? Keep repeating until that content is spot on for your story, your brand, your messages.

About Matt Lowe

Matt Lowe is a WordPress web designer / developer based in Newbury, Berkshire. After 8 years of doing the nine-to-five for other companies and watching them make the same mistakes over and over he set out in business on his own, forming Squelch Design to help businesses get online and make money.

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