Tip 2: Enable SSL

Ensure your website is always served over SSL for extra security.

Website quick tip #2:

Your whole website should always be served entirely over SSL. You can tell whether it is or not by looking at the address in your web browser.

If the address begins with https:// (note the “S”) then your website is being served over SSL. Give yourself a pat on the back and have an extra biscuit with your tea.

But if the address begins with http:// (no “S”) then it is NOT being served over SSL. Ask your hosting provider about switching.

A word from our sponsor!

At Squelch Design we offer SSL to all of our hosting customers as standard at no extra cost, and we are even in the process of switching all of our legacy hosting customers to SSL.

SSL is good for your SEO

SSL hosting provides extra security to your website and additional privacy to your customers. Google gives a small boost to websites served over SSL, so you should definitely look to switch sooner rather than later.

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