Tip 5: Speed your website up!

Slow websites don’t perform well in Google, nor with customers. Keep it snappy.

Website quick tip #5:

Speed your website up.

Normal everyday web hosting is, generally, very slow. Speciality web hosting providers, on the other hand, use a myriad of tricks and technology to help your website load as quickly as possible.

If your website is taking more than a couple of seconds to load then your customers will start looking elsewhere.

Take a look at your website using Chrome. Open the developer tools window by pressing ctrl+shift+i (cmd+shift+i on a Mac) and then reload the page. In the bottom of the new window it will tell you exactly how long your website took to load. Look for something like “Load: 1.66 s”… that’s how many seconds your site took to fully load. Under 2 seconds is ideal.

Common reasons for a slow website include loading very large images, having too many plugins installed, or being on slow shared web hosting.

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Matt Lowe is a WordPress web designer / developer based in Newbury, Berkshire. After 8 years of doing the nine-to-five for other companies and watching them make the same mistakes over and over he set out in business on his own, forming Squelch Design to help businesses get online and make money.

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