Tip 7: Dare to be different

It’s not just okay to be different, it’s actively encouraged!

Website quick tip #7:

Dare to be different.

One of our customers offers a concierge service in London. We looked at the other concierge websites and found they were dull, but this customer wanted to stand out from the crowd. So we built them a very modern and funky website with lots of bright abstract imagery and funky fonts. That website has been in place for 5 years and still looks fresh today, and they get no end of leads from the site because it makes an impression on the visitor.

We always advise our customers to work out what their unique selling points (USPs) are before we even begin the project. What sets your business apart from your competition? Why should a customer buy from YOU instead of from THEM?

Play on those USPs:

  • Make your website all about those USPs.
  • Make the imagery on your website tell the story of those USPs.
  • Write the content for your services and goods with those USPs in mind.

Sell your benefits and your strengths to your customers.

About Matt Lowe

Matt Lowe is a WordPress web designer / developer based in Newbury, Berkshire. After 8 years of doing the nine-to-five for other companies and watching them make the same mistakes over and over he set out in business on his own, forming Squelch Design to help businesses get online and make money.

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