Shrove Tuesday / Pancake Day Graphic Design

It’s pancake day! Woo! As well as a small graphic design, here’s a link to a mouthwateringly good vegan pancake recipe.

Pancake Day graphic design by Squelch WordPress Web Design

Everyone loves pancakes, right? Traditionally pancakes are made with egg … but that doesn’t stop us vegans. Here’s a vegan pancake recipe so we can all join in the pancake flipping fun!

What do you like on your pancakes? I generally douse mine with chocolate syrup (mix 2 parts cocoa powder with 1 part agave syrup – absolute heaven) or lemon juice and sugar. And I’ll be honest with you, I think I end up wearing more of it than I eat. Still, got to love pancakes!

If however you prefer the savoury variety, then let me recommend to you this injera recipe. You can’t go wrong with Misr Wot served with injera: One of my favourite dishes ever.

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