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Bespoke WordPress Website Design

Your website needs to be unique and make a clear statement. You don’t want to blend in with all the other websites out there, or appear cheap.

You need a bespoke website design.

A bespoke design will set you apart from the crowds and give you an edge in the marketplace. It will allow you to define your brand, your style, your image.

By choosing a bespoke WordPress web design from Squelch Design you are making a commitment to your customers, and giving yourself the freedom to create the perfect website that truly sums up your business. Get the attention of your customers immediately in the very short 4-6 second window when they first land on your website, and then turn that attention into a sale. A bespoke website gives you that power.


WordPress is a very popular content management system that powers more than 23% of the web. That’s nearly a quarter of all websites! It has excellent support and is extremely versatile and extensible. For WordPress in Berkshire, Squelch Design is the place to be.

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What is a Content Management System?

Content management systems allow you to edit the information on your website yourself, without the need for a web designer. Imagine, for example, being able to update the wording on your home page whenever you want. Or adding a new page when you have a new product or service available. Remove old offers and promotions, or update regional landing pages.

The beauty of a CMS is that you don’t need to return to your web designer for every little change. You can even easily learn how to do some of the bigger jobs.

Your new bespoke website will be built to be easily managed so you can quickly make changes, add new content and write blogs.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free and open source content management system. It was first released in 2003 as a blogging platform and very quickly grew to become the de facto blogging platform of choice. Not long after it began growing out from just plain blogging into the territory of full content management.


Nowadays it is a sophisticated and very powerful content management system (CMS), yet it retains the usability it has always boasted. This makes it a pleasure for both web developers and their customers! It’s so easy to use that if you can write an email then you can use WordPress’s basic features.

Bespoke design websites are one of the more expensive offerings from Squelch Design, but the many advantages of purchasing a site that has been built from the ground up specifically for your business, to your specification, will actually save you money.


  • We will get to know you and your company
  • Your finished website will be unique
    No other website in the world will look the same
  • You will be involved in the design process
    You’ll be allowed creative input to shape the site
  • Bespoke designs generally have better longevity
  • The bespoke site will match your branding exactly
  • A UK-built handcrafted WordPress theme
    Off-the-shelf themes can be of varying quality
  • Built with the growth of your business in mind
  • Your website can integrate with your business processes

The Bespoke Website Design Process



Once you have purchased the bespoke design option a representative will be in touch with you to get an idea of what your company does, what your services are, who your customers are, and why they would choose to buy from you. We will look at any existing branding you have and try to build a complete picture of your company.


This snapshot of your company is provided to our graphic designer, who will then turn it into a site design concept. Creating a masterful design is a deceptively complicated process – graphic designers need years of experience to be able to do this well, and also have to understand the limitations of the medium in which they’re working.

You will be offered the chance to view the design concepts early on and provide us with feedback, which in turn will be used to further tailor the design to your liking.

Bespoke Theme Development

Once all of the design work is complete and you are happy with the direction in which your site is heading the design work will be passed to our web developer. The design will be painstakingly converted from just a design concept on a piece of paper into an actual working WordPress website theme. This is a very involved process that takes years of training and experience, as the site needs to work across a multitude of web browsers and devices from desktop to mobile phone. Your website is crafted with love to get it just right.

Bespoke Web Design

With the WordPress theme crafted it’s time to fill the site with well designed content, so at this point the site is handed to a web designer who will begin the process of fleshing out the site from theme to full-fledged product. Depending on your specification the web developer may be further involved in adding custom development to your website, such as specialised data gathering or integration with third party software.


All websites built by Squelch Design work on mobiles and tablets, and come with free initial search engine optimisation.

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