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Business Facebook, Twitter or Google+ Page Design

Facebook has over 1.3 billion active monthly users. Google+ has over 300 million active monthly users. Twitter has 288 million active monthly users. Want to fish where the fish are…?


Setting up a Facebook, Google+ page, or Twitter page is now considered an essential part of getting your business off the ground. From your social media page you can attract new customers and engage with your existing customers at a more personal level, and encourage further sales. Offer discounts and special offers, raise attention for your latest new product or service, or simply share that funny cat video you saw the other day.

Social media is now a critical part of any business’s marketing. There are many social networks out there and we can help you find the right networks for your business, to help promote your core services and products and to raise the profile of your company.

A Facebook page can act as a substitute for an independent website if your business is extremely small or operating on a very tight budget. It can also exist as a supplement to your existing independent website. In fact discounts are available when purchasing a Facebook page alongside any other web or graphic design service.

Facebook launched in 2004 and boasts over a billion active monthly, most of whom sign in at least once a day. It is seen as the de facto social network. Google+ launched in 2011 and already sees more than 300 million active monthly users. Twitter launched in 2006. Messages on Twitter are limited to 140 characters enforcing brevity. It has over 288 million loyal active monthly users.

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Social media should be considered an essential part of marketing your business, regardless of its size. By interacting with your customers and potential customers you can drastically raise the profile of your business and create new leads.


We strongly recommend that most businesses should consider setting up a Facebook page and maintaining it alongside their business website. In the case of companies that cannot afford a complete design package such as our bespoke design service or customised theme web design package, a professionally designed and built Facebook page can serve as a cost-effective alternative or a simple stopgap until funds can be secured for a more complete solution.

Google+ page information is tied to your business website and used by Google to determine a great deal of information about your website, from your exact location to your opening hours. Google+ pages are linked to your Google Maps data too, and since people do search on Google Maps this can be a compelling reason in its own right to have a professionally constructed Google+ page for your business.

Twitter is a slightly more specialised case. Done right Twitter can be an extremely powerful tool, but many businesses fear it. For that reason alone it can prove a very fruitful social network for businesses willing to spend time talking and listening to their customers.

Other social networks can also be of benefit to certain businesses: Pinterest, Instagram and Flickr, for example, can help a business put its content in front of the people who will ultimately be buying the products and services, and so should not be overlooked.

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