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Customised Theme WordPress Web Design

One of our most popular packages: We will purchase an existing theme on your behalf, and customise it to your requirements and to fit your branding.


Purchasing a third party WordPress theme is a cost-effective way of getting your website up and running, but there is a risk that your website will have no individuality. Where as purchasing a customised theme from Squelch Design gives you a website with many of the benefits of a bespoke website design at a fraction of the cost.

We will:

  • Find a selection of themes that will suit your requirements
  • Purchase the theme on your behalf
  • Configure WordPress, your theme and any plugins you require
  • Customise the theme to match your requirements and branding
  • Populate your website with your chosen content
  • Perform search engine optimisation on your site

WordPress is a very popular content management system that powers more than 23% of the web. That’s nearly a quarter of all websites! It has excellent support and is extremely versatile and extensible. For WordPress in Berkshire, Squelch Design is the place to be.

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What is a Content Management System?

Content management systems allow you to edit the information on your website yourself, without the need for a web designer. Imagine, for example, being able to update the wording on your home page whenever you want. Or adding a new page when you have a new product or service available. Remove old offers and promotions, or update regional landing pages.

The beauty of a CMS is that you don’t need to return to your web designer for every little change. You can even easily learn how to do some of the bigger jobs.

Your new bespoke website will be built to be easily managed so you can quickly make changes, add new content and write blogs.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free and open source content management system. It was first released in 2003 as a blogging platform and very quickly grew to become the de facto blogging platform of choice. Not long after it began growing out from just plain blogging into the territory of full content management.


Nowadays it is a sophisticated and very powerful content management system (CMS), yet it retains the usability it has always boasted. This makes it a pleasure for both web developers and their customers! It’s so easy to use that if you can write an email then you can use WordPress’s basic features.

Customising a third party theme will save you money while still giving your site a professional look. Our web designers and developers will work closely with you to create a professional website that you can be proud of.


  • We will get to know you and your company
  • Your website will be clean and professional
  • You will be involved in the design process
  • We will tailor the theme to suit your branding
  • Where we can enhance your theme we will do so
  • Our rates are extremely competitive

Customised WordPress Theme Website Design Process


1. Analysis

Once you have purchased the customised WordPress theme design option a representative will be in touch with you to get an idea of what your company does, what your services are, who your customers are, and why they would choose to buy from you. We will look at any existing branding you have and try to build a complete picture of your company. We view your website as your principle marketing tool and so need to understand your business and the market it competes in.

2. Theme Search

Based on the sort of website you are looking for we will find themes that we believe will suit your website. We typically select between one and three themes for you to take a look at and discuss what sort of changes and enhancements we might be able to make to tailor the theme to your business. We might make suggestions as to which theme we prefer, but you will get the final decision.

3. WordPress Theme Customisation

Once you have selected your WordPress theme it’s time to begin tailoring and customising it. Our experienced web developers will work closely with you to enhance your theme to match your business and its unique requirements.

4. Web Design

With the customised WordPress theme in place, it is time to fill the site with well designed content, so at this point the site is handed to a web designer who will begin the process of fleshing out the site from theme to full-fledged product. Further theme enhancements might be made as the site is being built.


All websites built by Squelch Design work on mobiles and tablets, and come with free initial search engine optimisation.

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